Benjy Marks

I have a BSc/BEng from the University of Sydney, which is also where I obtained my PhD. After that, I did a post doc at the University of Oslo, and am now back at the University of Sydney as a Lecturer in the Sydney Centre in Geomechanics and Mining Materials.

Research Topics

I study granular flows and the modelling of the basic physical mechanisms that affect them. Experimentally, I am involved in developing new techniques for characterising internal structure and deformation during flow, such as using dynamic X-ray radiography. We use the information from those techniques to inform analytic models for granular flows, in particular to describe the phenomena involved in grainsize dynamics - where particles segregate, crush and mix. These analytic models are then solved for using new numerical techniques, such as heterarchical multiscale models and the material point method.

Why Open Geomechanics?

I am passionate about sharing research as widely as possible. I also believe that we as researchers can do much better at sharing and disseminating knowledge. Our current practices of publication behind paywalls and speaking to small groups at conferences has not scaled well with the recent massive increase in research globally. For our research to be of value in the future, we need to start now to change how our research is shared. In the geomechanics community, we are further behind than most. I hope that Open Geomechanics can make a significant change to our expectations of what it means to publish research.

Statement of interests

I am somewhat a 'useless theoretical researcher' and have no current or past industry involvement. All of my research to date has been funded by The Research Council of Norway and the Australian Research Council.