Ivo Herle

After obtaining the civil engineering degree in Prague (1989) and the PhD in Karlsruhe (1997), I was working for several years as a researcher in the Czech Academy of Sciences, a lecturer at the Charles University in Prague and a researcher at the University of Innsbruck. In 2004 I was appointed as a full professor and director of the Institute of Geotechnical Engineering at the TU Dresden. I was director of ALERT Geomaterials (The Alliance of Laboratories in Europe for Education, Research and Technology) in 2011-2016.

Research topics

My main research interest is on the soil behaviour for engineering purposes. I have realized that only a combination of laboratory (and field) testing and constitutive modelling can help in understanding the observed effects. To my opinion, the experimental soil mechanics cannot rely on traditional experiments only and should involve various techniques, not necessarily looking ultra-modern. The mathematical description of the soil behaviour should be free of dogamtic frameworks and focus on primary effects. My recent research topics include the description of double porosity soils (produced e.g. in open pit mining), soil liquefaction and micromechanical behaviour at the grain contacts. I also like to work on geotechncial problems of cultural heritage.

I am a member and/or reviewer of several national and international research agencies (Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy), scientific and professional committees (TC105 and TC301 ISSMGE, DIN, Board of the German Geotechnical Society, ICOMOS), and international journals.

Why Open Geomechanics

The present situation in the field of scientific publishing is unsatisfactory. A few monopolists control the market and the rules. I find it problematic to access the research results of researchers, mostly paid by the state, by buying it from private companies. In the Bureau of ALERT Geomaterials, we have been intensively discussing during the past few years the issue of novel approaches to the dissemination of research results. The initiative Open Geomechanics can demonstrate new ways for scientific publishing.

Statement of interests

My only employment is by the State of Saxony, Germany, for doing research and teaching at the Technical University of Dresden. Most of my research is paid by state research agencies, a few smaller research projects have been supported by the industry (Keller Holding, RWE Power).